How to Choose the Best Computer Monitor for Your Home Office

Are you in the process of upgrading your tech in your home office space? Maybe you are creating a home office for the first time, starting from scratch. Either way, if you need to purchase a new monitor, this is something worth taking a little time to research. There’s much more to monitors than just the size of the screen, and there are plenty of other specs to be mindful of.

Let’s examine the criteria and factors you need to consider when choosing a new computer monitor for your home office.

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How Will the Computer Be Used?

A good place to start is with how you plan to use the computer. What kind of applications, software and tasks will you be using it for? Will the computer be used for more than just work?For instance,will you also be using it as your main home computer to surf the internet, stream videos and movies, use it for social media, PC gaming and so forth?

The more involved and detail-rich the tasks that you are performing, the higher quality the monitor should be – in particular the resolution.

How Big Is Big Enough?

Just like with televisions, computer monitors have gotten bigger with time, and it’s left the average user wondering, how big is big enough? There’s no need to be squinting or straining to see the screen anymore, as technology has come a long way and larger screens are now the norm.

If you’re worried about eyestrain, opt for 31-inch monitors, which feel much more like a television than a computer. Just be sure that your set-up, the office space, can handle the larger screen size. Most large screens are mounted on a pedestal stand, which gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of your desk space.

LCD vs LED – Which Is Best for You?

There are also two different types of monitors which are LED and LCD. If you’re concerned about picture quality and perhaps work in a creative job, an LED monitor is best since the picture is superior. If budget is an issue, LCD tends to be more cost-effective.

Is 4K Resolution Necessary?

As technology advances, it pushes the needle over on what people consider necessary. This is certainly the case with a resolution with people now wondering if they need to purchase 4K.

The simple answer is that while it offers excellent picture/screen quality, it’s not necessary – yet. Investing in a 4K screen is a good way to future-proof your purchase because eventually, this will be the bare minimum needed. If 4K isn’t in the budget right now, then 1,920×1,080 will be good. This is also referred to as Full HD or FHD.

Is a Curved Screen Better?

Finally, there is the shape of the screen. Today you’ll find the standard flat screen as well as curved monitors. Curved monitors are meant to give you a more immersive experience, making them perfect for gamers. They can also be ideal for people who need to sit close to the screen, which could make sense with your home office set-up.

All of these tips and information will help you to make an informed purchase decision when it comes to buying a computer monitor.

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